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What makes Pincity’s phone card products unique is affordability and CONVENIENCE in one single virtual phone card. Our phone card products allow you to place low rate international calls from anywhere in the world no matter where you have traveled to. With its pinless calling and speed dial functions, our phone card can save you from having to memorize and dial all those long important phone numbers that are impossible to remember. You can easily make an international phone call by simply pushing 3 digits on your phone. Moreover, our phone card has no hidden charges and minutes will not reduce or expire unexpectedly!

No competition comes close to the iTalk phone card. Benefits are absolutely endless. This phone card also has:

  • Easy access. The iTalk Phone Card offers the most convenient access from 1,000 U.S. local access numbers.
  • Customized PIN. Create your own easy to remember, customized PIN number with all prepaid phone card choices
  • Real-Time Facts. The iTalk Phone card provides you with complete calling and billing history online in real-time.
  • Customer Service. Live customer service agents can easily address all phone card queries and problems.
  • Rewards Program. Earn points and prizes each time you call and recharge your phone card!

See below for example on some of Pincity’s bargain phone card rates:


Local Access

Toll Free

Phone card rate to Australia



Phone card rate to Brunei



Phone card rate to Canada



Phone card rate to China



Phone card rate to Denmark



Phone card rate to France



Phone card rate to Germany



Phone card rate to Hong Kong



Phone card rate to India



Phone card rate to Indonesia



Phone card rate to Italy



Phone card rate to Japan



Phone card rate to Korea, South



Phone card rate to Malaysia



Phone card rate to Mexico



Phone card rate to New Zealand



Phone card rate to Philippines, Manila



Phone card rate to Singapore



Phone card rate to Taiwan



Phone card rate to Thailand-Bangkok



… and much, much more!
Click here to see our complete listing of phone card rates.

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