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iTravel - Make internet phone calls with the iTravel plan, an international call-back service from PinCity's website

With the prevalence of free Internet connections, Internet call has become the new trend for travelers. iTravel is an innovative and simple way to make cheap Internet calls. It connects two phones, whether they are landline or mobile, local or anywhere else in the world. iTravel Internet call is perfect for travelers who need to make calls from a foreign country. With Internet access found all over the world in train stations, airports, and cafes, you are just clicks away from an international call back home.

How to make iTravel Internet Call?

  1. Sign in to "My Account" with your user name and personal password.
  2. Click on "Call" under iTravel Internet Call.
  3. Type in your phone number and a desired destination number.
  4. Click on the "Call" button to make the Internet call.
  5. The iTravel Internet Call service will call your and the other party's phones. Start chatting away once you are connected.


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