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QTalk QDial International Access Numbers

QDial - Speed Dial Feature

QDial makes it fast and easy to place domestic and international calls from your home, work, or mobile phone! Use this convenient speed-dialing feature to store up to 100 phone numbers in your account and access with your 2-digit code.

Sure-fire Benefits

  • Easy to use - simply press 2-digit code to reach your destination
  • Convenient - Ideal for mobile users, frequent callers, and inter-office calling
  • No additional charge for using this feature
  • Up to 10 speed-dial numbers - modify anytime from your personal account

Placing a Call? As Easy as "1-2-3"

  1. Dial a toll-free or local access number
  2. Enter your PIN (account number)
  3. Dial QDial 2-digit code and press '#'
Store a Pincity access number in speed-dial mode on your telephone
Setup QTalk to eliminate entering your PIN every time you place a call


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