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   From Our Customers

 From Our Customers

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» "Thank you so much for your help in this matter. Your cards have saved us a lot of money as my daughter is stationed overseas. I am sure with this information she will be able to call home."
Lee B. / Huachuca, AZ
» "Alex, I highly appreciate your great personal attention on such a small thing. It's really a pleasant reading your email. I am totally satisfied. Pincity shows it cares about service and is forward-looking with people like you."
Yu J. / Minnesota Trading & Contracting LLC
» "You email says that my recharge was greatly appreciated. Well I would like to return that and say your service is greatly appreciated. Most calling cards seem to be designed to rip-off. $0.50 just to pick up the phone. $0.07 a minute and some are as high as $0.25 a minute. With your calling card I don't even have to think about if I want to make a call, I just pick up and dial. Thank you, again!"
Joseph K. / Springfield, IL
» "I just wanted to thank you guys for all the great work you do. I love your service. You are very helpful and friendly people and I appreciate your great rates. My fiance and I have been separated now for three months and I call him 3 times a week in Nicaragua. Your phone card makes it possible for us to stay in touch while we try to wait until we can be together again. Thank you."
Brittany F. / Lewiston, ID
» "Today I used my PIN for the first time. It was fast and easy to reach. The connection was fast and her voice was crystal clear. Big THANK YOU from Buffalo, NY and Chongqing, PROC."
Walter K. / West Seneca, NY
» " Thank you!! One of the main reasons we keep our account with Pincity is because of your excellent customer service. It's always a pleasure doing business with you."
Abby P. / Cinnaminson, NJ
» "Just FYI, Pincity--we think you guys offer a great service! Keep up the good work!"
Lisa M. / Seattle, WA
» "Thanks so much for your OUTSTANDING customer service. Your response was quicker than I've ever seen with any company. We will certainly pass on our experiences with you to all of our friends and family members."
Sarah L. / Las Vegas, NV
» "Dear specialist: Thank you very much for the quick response to the request for the QTalk! It is working smoothly without any question now. Much appreciate!"
Teru Y. / Redlands, CA
» "Thank you for your help on this issue, Spencer. You have been most helpful and I look forward to a long relationship with Pincity! Thanks."
Kenneth C. / Southgate, MI
» "I have been a user of the long distance service for a few months and am truly satisfied with it. I would like to get other friends using this service."
Gasat B. / Seattle, WA
» "Thanks very much for the explanation. I am absolutely a satisfied customer of Pincity."
April C. / Plano, TX
» "Thank you for your service--it's great!!!"
Karl M. / Mesa, AZ
» "You really have a pretty slick site, and its functionality is very good and simple, easy to use and understand. I give you two thumbs up! Particularly the process of recharging is very quick."
Hua Z. / Clarksville, TN
» "I would like to thank you for the great customer service I received regarding the "recharge problem" that I experienced yesterday. Feeling frustrated by not being able to recharge my account your customer service representative turned my situation into a positive experience. It's refreshing to see that your company takes the extra steps to inform your customers when problems have been resolved. It's also very nice to know that I can actually reach someone instead of waiting for my email to be answered. I have looked for a service such as yours for a long time. Please know that I will recommend Pincity to my co-workers as well as my friends. Thanks for the GREAT customer service!!!"
Julie C. / Lynchburg, VA
» "Just wanted to let you know that I like your service very much. Keep it up."
Amol K. / Boise, ID
» "Your customer service is beyond awesome. Thanks again...merry everything!"
Patricia K. / Tucson, AZ
» "Just want to tell you guys (Pincity) that your rates are incredible and you are doing me wonders by having such a great business. I've talked for 2.3 hours, yet only spent $6-8. Very good! Thanks a lot."
Steve M. / Harleysville, PA
» "I really like your new website. For the first time, I checked my billing history and account summary. It is well-organized. I also set up speed dial and pinless calling for the first time. It was so easy to do online. Great job on the website!!! ~ A loyal customer"
Steven / Washington D.C.
» "Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate your customer service and I will definitely recommend Pincity to those in my organization in the future."
Jamie S. / New York, NY
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